South Shires Bikers MCC

Ex Club President's Welcome note.

This club was set up when I was unable to find anything similar in my local area, for riders solely into cruiser style motorbikes. As the membership began to grow, it became apparent that others who wanting to get involved, weren't necessarily into cruisers. That accompanied with the desire to raise funds for our chosen charities, led to the inclusion of riders of all shapes and sizes.

Far from being a born or born again biker, I came quite late to the party. At the age of 43 I passed my Direct Access with Phoenix Training based in Amesbury and set out to get the type of bike I'd always wanted since I was a teenager.

I grew up in North London to the sound of Heavy Metal. A good friend at the time opened my eyes to the biker lifestyle. The lifestyle wasn't for me at that time, but the thrill and freedom of riding certainly was.

Bob & Julie

I'd always seen the bike as a luxury item, and finances never quite stretched to affording the ultimate toy.

This club was started to provide a place for people in the Hampshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire counties to get together and show off our rides to those who appreciate them. It has developed into a good social group from which we organise ride-outs, charity events, shows and social gatherings.

The club is affiliated to BMF and NABD, but is not affiliated to any mainstream MC and has no political or territorial aim.

Thank you for visiting our website. Ride safe and enjoy.


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