1) Name

The name of the club shall be South Shires Bikers MCC

2) Type

The club shall be a local front patch Motor Cycle Club with no territorial aim

3) Address

The address shall be that of the current club secretary as appointed Website address: www.ssbmcc.org.uk

4) Objectives

To provide a structured club for riders of motorcycles in the Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire regions, providing regular meets, ride-outs and social events. Open to riders of all machine types. To raise money for charity through events, ride-outs and sponsorship (charities chosen every 2 years at the AGM, subject to membership vote)

5) Membership

Membership is open to all at the discretion of the existing membership. Membership is subject to the payment of an annual fee, due at the time of joining and renewed annually on the anniversary of joining.

6) Responsibility of membership

All members are required to ensure that any motorcycle used to attend organized events is fully road legal, insured and has valid road tax. Riders must hold the appropriate driving licence for their machine. It is the responsibility of all members and guests attending club events to ensure that they have and use appropriate safety wear whilst riding. Members should endeavor to attend the regular club meets where possible. No member shall do or say anything likely to bring the club into disrepute

7) Meetings

The club shall organize regular meetings. Currently every 3rd Wednesday evening between 19:30 & 21:00 (dates available on the website). Venue: The Plough PH, Grateley, Hampshire, SP11 8JR

8) Rules & Regulations

All members will be respectful and conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times when attending club-organised events. Any member considered to have brought the club into disrepute either in or outside of club-organised events may have their membership withdrawn. This will be at the discretion of the current membership and will be decided by vote at the appropriate club meet. Members may join or leave at any time. Part served membership will not be refunded.

9) Annual Subscription

2012 rates:

10) Finance

Financial year is from the 1st of August to 31st July. Club finance records will be made available for inspection by any member at the AGM to be held in August of each year The club is to be run as a non-profit organization. All monies raised through membership will be used for the day-to-day running of the club, and for the benefit of all paid members. Monies raised for charity will be passed direct to the clubs chosen charities (details to be regularly posted on the website and available for inspection at the AGM)

11) Guests

Guests of club members are welcome at all club events including ride-outs Guests and members attending club-organised charity events or ride-outs will be subject to a £3 charge per-person to be passed directly to the chosen club-supported charity

12) Affiliations

The club is affiliated to the British Motorcycle Federation.
The club is not affiliated to any mainstream MC

13) Club Officials / Responsibilities

All club officials are appointed annually at the AGM subject to membership vote.


Vice President



Web Manager

Charity Coordinator

Events Coordinator

Social Coordinator

Publicity Officer

14) Appointment of Officers

All club officials to be appointed annually at the AGM by membership vote

15) Changes / Amendments

Changes to the constitution will be a matter for the club officials by way of vote in an extraordinary meeting. Votes on general club business will be performed for all major changes to the way in which the club is managed, and where dispute makes voting necessary

Majority rule applies. More than 50% of the available votes will be required to pass any change. Proxy voting will be allowed.

16) Donations

The club will elect two charities at the AGM to be reviewed every two years. Organised club ride-outs incur a £3 charge for all riders, pillions or guests attending. This charge is passed direct to the chosen club-supported charity. In addition, the club may hold sponsored events or raise money by collection for the club-supported charities. The club will provide links on the website whereby additional donations may be made to the club-supported charities fundraising page

17) Prejudicial Conduct

Any member considered to have brought the club into disrepute either in or outside of club-organised events may have their membership withdrawn. No membership fees will be refunded. Consideration of alleged prejudicial conduct will be the task of the club officials by way of vote in an extraordinary meeting.

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