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South Shires Bikers Motor Cycle Club is a club for riders of all types, shapes and sizes of motorcycle, in the Hampshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire counties. We are a friendly group of people who share a passion for riding whilst away from the daily grind. We actively support local charities and aim to raise funds for these whilst enjoying ride-outs, meets, local and national events.

Club Motto - Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly!

Small Group Shot 2015

Note: South Shires Bikers MCC are not affiliated to any mainstream MC

Listed on the Bikers and Motorcycle Clubs Website - www.arn1e.co.uk
The A to Z of Motorcycle Clubs where bikers display their colours and rides!

Bringing the Biker Community together www.thebikerguide.co.uk

The best way to find out what's on for bikers near your area www.ridesandrallies.co.uk

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