Ride-Out Protocol

The meeting point and time for each ride-out will be notified in advance and disseminated to the membership. Please notify the organiser if you intend to bring additional riders. Most club rides incur a £3 per person attending ride-out fee which is passed directly to our chosen charities. The organiser will advise in advance if this fee is waived.

Prior to the ride commencing, the designated Road Captain will ask for contact details / mobile telephone numbers from all participants. Marshals and Back Marker will be nominated as required. The Road Captain will explain the route, stop-off points and answer any concerns.

The ride format will be Road Captain, Marshals, Club Riders & Guests, Back Marker.

Ride in staggered formation where road conditions allow. NO OVERTAKING amongst Club Riders & Guests except on dual carriageways or motorway sections, and only when necessary and safe to do so. Any rider who needs to make an unscheduled stop MAY make their way safely to the front, and alert the Road Captain.

Always ensure that you can see the rider behind. If a rider pulls over unexpectedly, those behind should continue past and re-join the group. The Back Marker will maintain position at the rear of the group and drop off with any rider who pulls over unexpectedly. The Back Marker will contact the Road Captain and advise.

Marshals will assist at route junctions in marking the direction of travel. Any Marshal dropped off must remain in position until released by the Back Marker. They will then make their way back to the head of the Club Riders.

These rules are put in place to ensure the safety of all riders and to ensure that the group remains together and reaches the intended destination in good time. Always ride within your own capability. Give good clear signals to other road users when changing speed or direction and remember to cancel indicators.

All bikes taking part in club organised events MUST be road legal, taxed and insured. Please ensure that you have adequate breakdown cover.

Ride Safe and enjoy.

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